Welcome to Fluhrer Bakeries

If you have been looking for a fantastic bakery that carries a wide range of delectable goods created by professionals, then you are in luck! Welcome to Our Bakery, where you can begin to learn everything that you need to know about this little slice of heaven on earth!

First of all, we are so glad that you are here. Having a website was not something that we had originally thought about when planning Our Bakery. However, we realized that important people like you might want to find more about us here. So, we decided to put together this site. Here, you can learn all about us and the things that we offer. We hope that you will understand the things that drive us and appreciate the ingredients and quality that we put into each and every thing that we do.

We decided to start Our Bakery because we both have a passion for baking. After attending culinary schools, we decided that opening the eatery of our dreams was in the cards. So, we made the plans that we needed and opened our front doors. However, we do not want to restrict our customer base just to folks that can walk in the front door. While we value those customers immensely, we also want to serve others who cannot visit us.

So, our website is here to help. You can make orders online and have them shipped to you but that is not the only way that you can use our website. If you are planning a party at work or have some other needs, you can make your preorder and we will have everything ready for you to pick up at the preselected time.

We’d like you to know that we not only use the finest ingredients for all our baking, but we also use the best industrial bakery equipment in the industry. All our equipment comes from www.gobte.com. They are a U.S. bakery equipment manufacturer so they follow all U.S. guidelines for safety and quality.

If it is your job to bring pastries to the business meeting each Thursday, you can even set up a recurring order so that you only have to drop by on your way to the office. Of course, you can also have delivery arranged so that you never have to worry about it again. The ease of the automatic ordering and billing system provided by the website is just one of the great benefits that you will find as a customer while you are checking out Our Bakery.

Don’t forget to look at the menu so that you can see what is fresh each day as well as the rotation of daily specials. Make sure that you know when your favorites will be available or make a special order of your own for whenever you want.

At Our Bakery, we have plenty of delicious choices for you to pick from. In addition to the pastry snacks that you will delight in, you can also peruse our wide selection of hand crafted breads in order to fill out your menu.

Take a look around at Our Bakery site and you will see why we have such a great reputation in the entire city and be ready to make an order of your own.